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Front Desk Supervisor

Job Summary

As a Supervisor – Front Desk, you will be responsible for assigning work and ensuring the completion of daily tasks in Front Desk operations in the hotel’s continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability. Specifically, you would be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

* Assign and instruct Guest Service Agents details of work. Observe performance and encourage improvement. Monitor lobby traffic to make staffing adjustments accordingly.
* Manage front desk operations by completing a checklist of important daily tasks, determining room and rate availability and making decisions that are in the best interest of the hotel. Assist Guest Service Agents and other departments with any questions or requests.
* Resolve customer complaints by conducting thorough research of the situation and the most effective resolution.
* Prepare and conduct daily pre-shift meetings, communicate effectively with all staff and provide them with any information necessary to provide guest service in accordance with hotel standards.
* Monitor performance of staff with performance evaluations and discipline issues. Make recommendations for training related issues when inconsistencies develop at the Front Desk.

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